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Attorney Biography

Jed Leano, Attorney at Law
Jed Leano, Attorney at Law (middle), in Kasukabe, Japan with the President of the Kasukabe City Council (left) and the Mayor of Kasukabe (right).

Jed Leano is an Immigration Law Attorney in private practice in Los Angeles, CA. He handles all immigration law matters, including deportation defense, green card applications (family and employment based), work-related visas, naturalization applications, asylum, and immigration appeals.

Mr. Leano has successfully tried and won deportation cases on behalf of numerous refugees seeking protection from torture and persecution in their home countries. Most notably, he has successfully defended numerous victims of religious persecution and victims of domestic violence in deportation proceedings before the United States Immigration Court.

Prior to starting his own law practice, Mr. Leano worked in Granada Hills, CA and Cherry Hill, NJ handling immigration law cases. Mr. Leano has served as legal counsel for the Fairview Village Association in Camden, NJ, an urban revitalization program started by the State of New Jersey and Rutgers University. He has also served one summer in the Santa Ana City Attorney’s Office working on complex civil litigation matters and housing regulations.

Prior to studying law, Mr. Leano spent several years working in politics and education. He interned for Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), KY Rep. Kathy Stein (D-Lexington), Scotty Baesler for Congress, and Bill Bradley for President. He worked as an energy lobbyist in Mexicali, B.C., Mexico and spent several summers working at Stanford University and Northwestern University as a teaching assistant and resident advisor for students in law, politics, and speech communication.

Mr. Leano served in 2009 as the 80th President of the storied Pasadena Junior Chamber of Commerce and legal counsel for the United States Junior Chamber in 2012 and 2013. He was a founding board member of the Neighborhood Immigration Clinic in 2009, and served as Chairman of the Board from 2012-2014. In 2016, he was appointed Community and Human Services Commissioner in the City of Claremont, where he sits on the Committee on Human Relations, Tree Committee, and Youth Sports Committee.

Mr. Leano was admitted to practice law by the New Jersey Supreme Court in February 2006. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law in May 2005 and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky in May 2001.

Mr. Leano appears on the Crown City News to promote the Pasadena Jaycees